Our products are made using EPS foam 200 and have a tough urethane coating applied with a mineral aggregate layer being ready for the finishing treatment (paint).

It is recommended to be installed with expanding polyurethane adhesive, be aware it doesn’t melt the EPS foam. You can purchase this at any local supplier.

Before installing the wall surface must be dry and free of dust. Some pieces may require additional mountig strength while the adhesive sets up. A stub nail driven into the surface will serve as a temporary hold until the adhesive cures. Any damage or holes to the shape itself while temporarily fastening the shape, must be repaired prior to finishing treatment.

If your moulding job require corners or different types of arches contact someone skilled to do it. For any complex job we suggest using CABRO CONSTRUCT , a company with more then 10 years in this field, please contact us for further information.

Any other info concerning our products you can obtain by phone or email.