ARCH MOULDING SRL is a growing team of young and skilled experts devoted to increase the quality and elegance on the local architectural moulding market used in both residential and commercial applications. We are specialized in designing and producing a wide range of custom EPS foam products to your specifications (modern or classic) in a cost effective way.

Our values are:

  • Respect – we treat well our clients, suppliers, the society we live in and the environment, have an ethical behavior knowing that is the only way to have a successful team.
  • Excellence – good communications, quality, prompt delivery and services.
  • Satisfaction – we please our clients offering our quality products at competitive prices, a good and motivating environment for our team.

Our products include different types of columns(column capitals and bases), sills and trims for both doors and windows, crowns for an esthetical joint between the cornice and the exterior wall, different types of brackets and much more.

Our mouldings are made of high density expanded polystyrene being coated with a polyurethane resin and a layer of sand ,quartz or marble powder . Our computer controlled fabrication equipment cuts any shape very accurately . This light weight products are easy to install and since is made from non-organic materials pests, rodents and insects are not attracted to it. Are unaffected by extreme air temperatures and its moisture resistant qualities eliminates the potential for mold, mildew and rot.

An other major advantage of using foam mouldings is the reduction in installation costs associated with equipment, handling and labor.

Our projects include residential and commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, churches and any assisted living facilities.